Seget Donji is located nearby the town of Trogir, which is on the Unesco list of world cultural heritage. The upper part Gornji Seget is on the land, and the lower part Donji Seget directly by the sea. The village was built as a type of closed, rectangle settlement.

The base of the municipality Seget is in Seget Donji.

In the town and especially in the fields, one can see the forts built for the defence from the Turks.
Thanks to the location and the mild climate the population today mainly deals with agriculture, fishing, ship-building and tourism.

When you come in these areas, you will be astonished by the beauty of nature and the buildings from Seget Vranjica to Trogir. Choose your accommodation and have a pleasant holiday.
The private pensions are more and more important concerning the offering of high- quality accommodation on the area of the Riviera Seget.
You can find luxury apartments and pensions very near to the sea with silent private beaches, friendly hosts and healthy food for a comfortable and peaceful stay.

Seget Donji is a great destination for families. There are beautiful pebble beaches ( Beaches are very nice and tidy, and the pebble is perfect. Deck chairs and parasols are charged 20 KN a day, which is extremely affordable. Sand volleyball court is very good, and the choice of bars and restaurants is all right. ) with restaurants and bars all the way along the coast, near the crystal clear sea. There is also a nice promenade till the tourist resort Medena where you can find various facilities for children as well as many water sport facilities, tennis courts, trim tracks and other sport playgrounds that are available for every visitor. At night, you can dance on hotel terraces and restaurants or visit one of night clubs on the beach.


Property type: Apartment

Location type: Sea/Beach

Persons: 4 persons

Max. Persons: 5 persons

Number of bedrooms: 2

Number of bathrooms: 1

Size of property: 100 m2