Island Brač is the biggest middle Dalmatian island with an area of 395 km2. Brač island boasts 134 sunny and 88 cloudy days in the year. With it’s unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches, cultural and historical attractions, and well developed tourist and sporting attractions, Brač also has it’s own airport, enabling you to get to Bol really quickly, to spend your  holiday.

From the east, over the Brač Channel, you can see the mountain peaks of Biokovo. Amazing images that lure the eye include magnificent views of the sunlit blue sea, the unpredictable play of light on the silent inland areas of Brač and the idyllic scenes of grazing sheep, Brač is decribed as an island for rest and health and rightly so – it is a piece of paradise in the Adriatic sea, a world of stone, sea and sun.
The Brac Island is located in the central Dalmatia. Brac is the third largest Croatian island, and the largest island in Dalmatia. Its highest peak, Vidova Gora, is at 778 m, and it makes Brac the highest of all Adriatic islands.

The island is known for its fishing and agricultural products with the locals producing good wine, olive oil, figs, nectarines and other fruits. But the main export is, and has been from ancient times, the famous Brac stone from which many buildings in the world have been built, including the White House in Washington D.C., Berlin’s Reichstag, and the Catholic cathedral in Liverpool, as well as Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the cathedral in Trogir, closer to home.
There are so many reasons to visit Brač, the tradition, the beaches, people, parties, gastronomy, wine, you name it Brač has it.

Due to its favourable geographical location and the Mediterranean climate, Brač is ideal for both summer and winter tourism. Guests who visit Brač enjoy its Mediterranean atmosphere, olive groves and vineyards, rich cultural heritage, sporting events, crystal clear sea, clean air and sun.

Zlatni Rat, famed beach in Bol, is perhaps the best known and the most beautiful beach in Croatia, and it’s on travel guides on the top 10 beaches in Europe. But as locals like to say, it isn’t the only beach here. The entire south side of the island of Brac is dotted with gorgeous pebble beaches. Pebbles here are small, soft to walk on, and perfectly rounded. And the best part is that, apart of Zlatni Rat, other beaches aren’t crowded at all, especially as you get out of Bol.

In addition to numerous cultural and historic sights, Brač offers sporting activities such as windsurfing, kite surfing,cycling, hiking,shooting, diving and many other adventure sports.